El-Taybat for Agricultural Projects was established in 2010 including three sites, the main site of 2230 acres is located in Baharia Oasis – Giza Governorate 375 km far from Giza pyramids (N 28o13’14.7432” E 28o53’49.5132” Giza Governorate, Egypt). The second site (300 acres cultivated with olives trees) is located in northern Sinai – El-Arish Governorate. The third site is about 20 acres works as a nursery for the production of different fruit trees seedlings (grapes – bananas – avocado – mangos – citrus trees). El-Taybat has been in the field of agriculture, producing high quality products, in Egypt for 10 years. We have dedicated strategies for serving our overseas clients with good quality produces at the best competitive prices. We currently manage approximately 2550 acres. We comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements. El-Taybat maintains a production staff of 300 or more experienced employees, staffed with qualified employees, and experienced engineers, supervisors, and field workers who are compensated in a manner that provides continuity of labor throughout the entire year.

El-Taybat vision is to become a distinguished high quality crops producer with a dynamic nature that is capable of fulfilling Egyptian and worldwide agriculture developments.  

We rely on renewable solar energy through the use of more than 12 solar panels to generate electricity for the operation of irrigation pumps. We aim to create a clean environment free of pollution.

El-Taybat adopted promising social services like the educational farm: a work of environmental education, with undergraduate students. Part of the social activities we are developing is nursery education to children of Mandisha village. El-Taybat set the goal of transmitting my knowledge and passion also and especially to the little ones, bringing them closer to the world of nature and cultivation through educational-creative workshops. El-Taybat is looking forward to expand its project, starting to organize visits and educational paths for anyone who wants to know this world and to offer our products also to those who appreciate the "natural", as well as nature.

El-Taybat is handling the production and export of fresh and dried products. El-Tayebat is planning to export to many countries worldwide. The reputation of El-Taybat is based on continuing commitment to high and quality production.

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Our Objective

We are crops growing specialists committed to offer affordable agri-business solutions. We aim to harness the land’s unending productivity to fulfill the world’s demands and work tirelessly to provide high-quality produces and aim to ensure our customers always receive top-of-the-line service and quality.

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