Medjool dates

Product Description

Dried medjool dates

Medjool dates are rightfully known as the King of Dates. The world's oldest cultivated fruit, they originated in North Africa, likely Morocco, where they were reserved for royalty. Medjool dates are among the most prized world-wide both for their unique taste, size, and for the fact that growing them well, to ensure superior quality, is highly labour intensive. On our farm, this starts from high quality offshoots, to hand pollinating each female palm several times, to removing strands of dates entirely and finally thinning each strand (removing fruit) to provide better air flow and allow each date to reach it's potential. All that before hand harvesting. This is done when dates reach the exact ripeness needed, and are picked to leave the rest to ripen; they are then laid in racks to dry in Bahariya's glorious sun and checked/rotated daily until they reach just the right humidity. A lot of work, but work we do with passion, simply because we believe that the end results, and a quality product, are worth it.  With their large size, juicy flesh and sweet, caramel-like flavour, these dates are highly prized worldwide.


Product name: Dried medjool dates.

Product style: Dried dates (4-5 cm).

Taste: sweet

Max. moisture: 20 %

Shape: elongated

Brand name: Taybat herbs

Certification: Organic

Cultivation Type: Organic

Color: Natural brown.

Packing: Polyethylene bags in carton packing (5-10 kg).

Shelf life: 2 years.

Supply Ability: 50 tons per month (from October to December).

Country of origin: Egypt.

Port of loading: Alexandria, Egypt.